Community Collaboration Website Examples:

A number of positive examples can be found online of effective community forums and discussion. When done carefully, these can help strengthen communities through sharing of events or ideas whether that be through facebook or a forum. Below are some examples of effective online communication:

  • Beaver Island 

    • For a small island in Northern Michigan, this forum serves as one of the main methods of communication among community members. It is most often used to advertise local community events or gatherings. Most notable is the popular activity of stargazing that members advertise and organize for via this forum.

  • West Palm Beach

    • Unlike Beaver Island's forum, this is used primarily as a place for participants to share of fun things to do in West Palm Beach, expanding community through mutual interests. The average post receives around 10,000 views and many replies.

  • Pontypridd Town

    • This seems to include some vetting, but successfully advertises a number of local activities community members may be interested in

  • Scott County, Minnesota

    • This forum hosts specific topics like "2040 comprehensive plan" that community members then comment on with ideas and suggestions for what they think would be advantageous for the community.

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Scholarly Articles about Community Engagement online:

  • Individual and social benefits of online discussion forums

  • A Local Officials Guide to Online Public Engagement

    • A noteworthy section: “The city launched a website that provided background information about the budget issue, including primers and financial documents. Residents were invited to register on the site with their email address, educate themselves on the topic, and propose solutions for raising revenues and/or cutting costs. Online suggestions generated a response from the city and were voted on by other users, with the top ten used by the city to guide budget strategies. City staff reported that this online project reached more constituents than traditional town meetings, with over 200 suggestions, a couple of thousand individual votes, and more than 2,000 views. And the community “bought into” the proposed solutions because they had originated with the public” (p 11-12)


Stakeholder Feedback on Website Idea:

  • A great idea that will help connect people with similar ideas who might not otherwise have met offline.
  • Should serve as a place for sharing unexpected challenges people face in living sustainably i.e. farmers being able to sell produce to restaurants.
  • This website will be a great place for people of Granville to showcase their sustainability efforts, and get more people excited about doing similar things.
  • A place to advertise things that may not be well known:  Ex. there is public recycling in all of the bins behind schools.
  • A website such as this deserves alot of recognition and should be well advertised.
  • Granville has a lot to gain and nothing to lose by providing resourceful information to the general public.