Data on solar efficiency for various community members and renewable energy project timeline:

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Acquired 350 acres of bioreserve in 1960s

Homestead established in 1970s (“An alternative student living arrangement, off the energy grid, the Homestead is one of the first such communities in the country, and is still going strong today”)

Built first solar array on roof of library in 2007

New solar array activated in December 2017 will provide 10% of colleges energy use


A Solar Installation Time Lapse (Licking County)

For more in-depth information on Solar installation, please visit the

       Solar Installation in Licking County:


Jeremy King


Tom Evans 

       Abram Kaplan 

        Denison university (Homestead)


Steve Finlayson

Polly Anderson Field Station 

Mark McVay

David Rouse,

C-TEC Net Zero House

 Lakewood Schools


Granville High School Greenhouse

Dave Horning

Tracee Laing

Yes for Solar 

Mike Stair

 David Bingham

CTEC Licking County


Energy Cooperative 


Bio-reserve(Denison University)

Recycling barn(Denison university)





Solar Power Savings by Month in Granville

A 5kW system will save someone in Granville up to $79.11 on an average month. That’s significant given the average Ohio power bill of $112.25 per month. Below is a monthly breakdown:

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Zoning policy in Granville

The Zoning code requires that any new constructions, addition, or modification to any buildings, structures, land within the village limit must be approved by the Village staff or by the Granville Planning Commision. The owner of the properties must file an application with the Planning and Zoning Department for review and approval. If an application is consistent with the requirements of the zoning code, it will be approved by the Village staff or by the Planning Commission. 

While zoning permits for the construction and alteration of properties or any dwelling units are issued by Village, building permits are issued on behalf of the Village by the Licking County Building Department. Since a new centralized solar panel plant can potentially fall under at least two types of work under the building permit (change from residential use to commercial use and change of use from any commercial use to any other commercial use), both zoning permit and building permit is required.


*For more information please visit the Granville Township website and the Small Town website.