A Crash Course in Comprehensive Planning


What is a Comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan focuses on supporting the long term vision of a community. 

It is a document that outlines a positive design for the future growth of a community, through feedback from stakeholders and leaders within a community. It helps ensure that the community is able to remain competitive well into the future through sustainable, economically efficient, and socially supportive design. They are typically updated every five to ten years based the needs of a community.

Comprehensive Plans often include:

  • Details on a community's demographics and survey results

  • Background on community values and how these will be supported through the comprehensive plan process

  • A summary of that past comprehensive plan and key changes that should occur

  • Research on each topic of interest and strategies to implement.

  • Key priorities and timelines for each task.

  • Future Land Use map and section that outlines goals such as maintaining community character/aesthetic, expansion of housing opportunities, enhancing efficient transportation, and strengthening community participation and togetherness. 

how does this help the community?

A comprehensive plan is a proactive approach that helps ensure that the design of a city and the resources offered are up to par with the current needs of a community. It helps prevent the city from falling behind in design and works to keep the city up to the high standards that Granville has set for itself. With the right plan for the future Granville can secure town character while making the changes necessary for a better quality of life that follows the evolution of what it means to be a community in Ohio. 

It is essential to continued economic growth and helps to keep the community striving to improve itself. The comprehensive plan is necessary for any community that wants to be important and involved with the bright future of the community. This type of planning is also a way to share ideas and designs with other communities that could stimulate a sort of domino effect of positive/smart town growth. 


how can i get involved?

  • Visit town hall meetings
  • Attend workshops
  • Read the news and talk with community members
  • Stay up to date on relevant topics
  • Participate in local organizations
  • Reach out and communicate with your local government to provide your own input!


Granville's 2012 Comprehensive Plan