Sustainability comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms ranging from environmental sustainability to economic sustainability and is something that all people can participate in and learn about! Granville already has an impressive number of sustainable initiatives via its numerous local businesses, beautiful wooded areas, and rich diversity of agriculture, leaving it perfectly positioned to continue the current trajectory. 

Here are some of our favorite ideas and ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle:


Basic ways to decrease your environmental footprint:

  • Eat less meat!

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle

  • Walk or bike instead of drive whenever possible

  • using less chemicals on landscaping can keep your pets healthy and yard safe for kids, insects and plants. 


Lessen your use of paper:

  • Pay your bills online

  • Stop reciving "junk mail"

  • Use rags and dish towels instead of paper towels when washing dishes


Decrease your energy consumption:

  • Turn off lights

  • Unplug electronics

  • Maximize daylight as much as possible so you don't have to turn on lights; when you do have to use artificial light, try and change your light bulbs to either CFL or LED bulbs

  • Air dry your clothes instead of using a dryer

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator


Lessen your waste:

  • Use an ice cream cone instead of a cup

  • Bring your own mug or cup when you go buy coffee from your local coffee shop

  • Bring a reusable bag when you go to the grocery store

  • If you forget your reusable bag, choose paper of plastic

  • Don't use disposable cutlery!

  • Use metal or ceramics straws instead of plastic ones

  • Use a razor with replaceable blades instead of a disposable razor

  • Squeeze your own juice instead of buying it at a store

  • Donate your old electronics to a school or organization that will continue to use them, or recycle them so that their workable parts can continue to live on

In summary, there are many benefits to living a sustainable lifestyle. By taking precautions to lessen your environmental footprint, you can also improve your economic, social, and personal situations. For example, by carpooling with your neighbors into town or to school you are emitting fewer Green House Gases into the environment, but you are simultaneously saving money on gas while strengthening your relationship with your neighbors. Similarly, by walking into town instead of driving, you are again emitting fewer GHG into the atmosphere but also again saving money and improving your health. Not every action we take is solely to help lessen our impact but can also benefit our families, community, and town as a whole!

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